Teaching Challenge

At The Dorian Way, we love a teaching challenge. Therefore, we are offering a mentoring discount on our 12 month package only. We believe that learning how to build a portfolio “The Dorian Way” will help the member learn to be profitable for the year with us or we will discount half the price of the program. The discount does not apply to any other offer outside of the 12 month package and must meet the below qualifications. Our discount is NOT a refund and/or guarantee but a discount policy. The Dorian Way has never and will never provide a guarantee on performance.

How to Qualify for our program teaching challenge

  • You must have signed up for our 12 month mentoring package.
  • The trading account you start the program with must have at least $25,000 available for trading to start the program and must be maintained after withdrawals (if any). Any losses will not be held against your balance.
  • All trades in the portfolio must be trades (including closing trades) you decided to follow using “The Dorian Way.”
  • You must be able to meet and/or talk briefly three trading days a week (before, during, or after regular trading hours).
  • If you are paying monthly your payment must be current during the entire program.