El Paso Chapter

We were thrilled to learn there was an enthusiastic group of traders interested in options trading in El Paso. That’s all it took for us to open a chapter in beautiful West Texas.

Participants in The Dorian Way – El Paso events enjoy several in-person workshops and online opportunities. At these events, members connect and learn about options trading. In addition, members make friends and share trade ideas.

Member Expectations

Our El Paso members learn how to get better at trading options on futures and stock. First, members learn specific, basic strategies. This includes standard call and put spreads, naked puts and calls, and the iron condor. However, some members are ready for more advanced strategies. They learn several hedging strategies, for example. Next, members learn how to maximize a portfolio. This means reliable income month-over-month! Finally, members connect with other like-minded traders.

More about us.

People who join us in El Paso for an options trading event are from all experience levels. For example, some trade options full time as day traders. Others are just starting out and learning basic options terminology, like delta, for the first time.

Facilitators of the El Paso Options Trading Group have, collectively, over 30 years of options trading experience. Because of this, members learn from traders who spend day and night thinking about options. These coaches guide members in all aspects of options trading. For instance, facilitators teach members how to put on their first trade. They also help members troubleshoot their portfolio. In other words, everyone is bound to find new ways to bolster their portfolio with supplemental income.

To sum it up – we are teachers with a passion for options.

Try us out?

Events are frequent. Jump in any time!

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We have something for you in El Paso. This chapter welcomes those who are new to trading options on futures and stock. Traders who want to learn more sophisticated strategies are also welcome.

Where are events held?

Events are held throughout the city. In-person events are typically held in a conference room or event space. Social distancing and public safety considerations are factored into the event set-up. Members who prefer virtual events will find several suitable options to fit their schedule.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your laptop and a notebook to an El Paso Options event. Eventually, you will need an account on thinkorswim or tastyworks. We will help set you up, even if you don’t have an account right now. The most important thing is that you show up with perseverance and a willingness to learn.

We look forward to seeing you soon!