TradingDiary Pro: The Easiest Way to Track Your Trades

Anyone who has been trading for awhile knows how important is to track and analyze your trades. But who has the time and patience? TradingDiary Pro can help.

This software makes it easy to create a trading journal, develop a stronger strategy and think level-headed about your next trade. While your old spreadsheet is great as a record, this tool will level up your trading.

TradingDiary Pro logo

Some our favorite features include:

● Automated data uploads into platforms, including tastyworks

● Ability to see a single view of your performance across multiple portfolios

● Use of dozens of metrics to analyze your trades

You can check out multiple screenshots, see video tutorial and even try it out with a free a 30-day trial. There’s nothing to lose by checking out that tool used by many members of The Dorian Way Trading Club!