Basic Option Probabilities: Find Your Own High-Probability Trades

Understanding basic option probabilities is at the heart of our trading methodology. Learn more about the probability of profit, delta, expected move and more.

Get Started Trading Options

Want to start trading but not sure where to start? Our seminars will jumpstart the basics for making money trading options.

Three Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting to Trade Options

Thinking about starting to trade options? Read about what I wish I had known before starting to trade options. Hint: Even you can do it!

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Options on Futures

So, here’s an interesting question. What happens when you take a derivative of a derivative? It sounds like either something out of The Big Short or Inception. But, that’s exactly what options on futures contracts look like.

Strategic Betting With Vertical Options

Oftentimes traders and investors get stuck where they have a position in the stock, or want to initiate one, but aren’t sure when the move will occur. Vertical options offer a great way to get paid while you wait.

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Selling Call-Spread Options on Gold Futures

In options terminology, a call spread is a strategy in which an equal number of calls are purchased and written at the same time. Because there are an equal number of long and short contracts, the profit potential is somewhat limited, but the strategy’s potential loss is also capped. The Short Call Spread Anytime your […]

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Cash Settled Index Option Trading

The financial market landscape offers a wide assortment of financial products and services. A good part of the products can be found in the derivatives market. One of the trading products which can be found in the derivatives market is “Cash Settled” Index Options not to be confused with “ETF” Index Options. As the name […]

How to Sell OTM Iron Condors on Natural Gas Futures

If you’ve been trading options only on stocks, it’s time to branch out a little and learn how to make money in the futures market. This article will show you how to sell a four-leg option strategy on natural gas futures. The Short Iron Condor The iron condor strategy consists of four legs, which can […]

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Trading Options on Commodity Futures

While option trading is most commonly associated with stocks, commodity futures also have a robust derivative market. If you’re looking for additional methods to make money from corn, soybeans, and crude oil, keep reading. We’re going to give you some important tips on how to survive and prosper in the world of options on futures. […]